Pale Eye Productions LLC is a group of talented individuals responsible for the designing, constructing, marketing,  and staffing of Terror on the Fox.  Several members have been involved in Terror on the Fox since it inception in 1997 and Pale Eye Productions took complete control of the attraction in 2010.  Pale Eye’s attention to detail has continued to amaze customers from around the country.  Terror on the Fox is now in its 17th season.  Pale Eye is proud to continue Terror’s great reputation and vows not to let its customers down.

Pale Eye’s talent does not end with Haunted Attractions.  Pale Eye was asked to help design and build sets for John Laflamboy and Mike Bradecich’s The Moleman of Belmont Avenue.  This was a honor for The Pale Eye team to build this set as one of the actors was none other than Robert Englund.  This move is sure to make a impact on any comedy/horror fans.


Logo by Colt Zahn

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Corporate logo by Joseph Donald Myers

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