Haunt Club

The Pale Eye Haunt Club was the brainchild of Dean, Colt, and Beaker.  Dean approached Colt and Beaker about his idea of starting a Haunt Club during the 2012 build season at Terror on the Fox. The three of them had always loved the feeling of brotherhood and unity that was shown at the event and in Pale Eye Productions. Through thick and thin and when the odds were stacked against them and the event, they were able to rely on each other, many dedicated friends, and amazing volunteers to pull through.

They began having secret meetings about forming an elite group of talented and dedicated individuals that were willing to sacrifice more than the rest to contribute to a common goal. Inspired by the brotherhood, unity, and respect of Motorcycle Clubs, they formed the Pale Eye Haunt Club. After several meetings they had laid out the rules and rankings for the club. They came up with Originals (founding members), Reapers (members with voting rights), House Moms (their very talented Makeup Artists), Yearlys (volunteers who have paid their dues and proven themselves) , Specters (talented individuals who can’t commit to a full workload, but are always there for special projects), and Camp Ash (those who give their all running the V.I.P. area at Terror on the Fox).

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