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Colt Zahn

Colt is a current and founding member of the Pale Eye Productions crew, and the Art Director of Terror on the Fox. He is a former member of Bad Boys Scenic Design. His skills include drawing, sculpting, painting, building, detail painting, scenic painting, and acting. He also portrays two different icon characters at Terror on the Fox as well as Rod Johnson, who is known throughout the Haunt Community.

Colt started his haunting career in 1995, while still living at home. He and his mom would make lawn displays and Home Haunts every Halloween. In 2000, Colt went to Northeast Wisconsin Technical College to acquire an Associate’s Degree in Model Building, Design, and Construction. In 2003, he lent out two life-sized sculptures of Leatherface and Grandpa that he made in High School, to local movie theaters for lobby displays during the release of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake.

In the summer of 2006, Colt started with the event, Terror on the Fox as a volunteer. A year later, he was brought into Bad Boys Scenic Design (the company managing Terror on the Fox at the time). In his time with Bad Boys Scenic Design, Colt headed up numerous scenes at Terror on the Fox and some were even featured in the Frozen Tundra Fright Tour and HAuNTcon 2009 Haunt Tour. Also in his time with Bad Boys Scenic Design, he drew up the productions sketches for and helped build the Rotting Flesh Radio convention booth, the HAuNTcon 2008 “Bad Boys Scenic Design – Behind the Curtain!” all-day workshop Autopsy Scene, and the HAuNTcon 2009 “Bad Boys Scenic Design – Behind the Curtain!” all-day workshop Mausoleum Scene.

In 2010, Colt parted ways with Bad Boys Scenic Design and became one of the co-founders of the Pale Eye Productions crew. That same year Pale Eye Productions took the reins with managing Terror on the Fox. Since taking over, Pale Eye Productions has completely redone the front façade, interior, and secondary events at Terror on the Fox. In 2011, they started the Pale Eye Pub (a small pub on the grounds of Terror on the Fox for actors and guests). Colt has been a large part in all of these changes at Terror on the Fox. He also takes part in Terror on the Fox promotional events such as local festivals, Meet and Greets at Oneida Casino, Wisconsin Timber Rattlers games, and C.P. Telethons.

Colt has done work for many other crews and events including building the set for local TV Host “Ned the Dead”, detail work at House of Horrors and Haunted Catacombs, consultation work for Nightmare New England, guest acting appearances at Wisconsin Feargrounds, and he worked as Key Scenic Painter with Zombie Army Productions on the movie The Mole Man of Belmont Avenue.

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