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Dean Schutt

Dean is a current and founding member of the Pale Eye Productions crew and the Performance Manager at Terror on the Fox. He is a former member of Bad Boys Scenic Design. His skills include set design, building, painting, scenic painting, acting, and performance training. He has portrayed one of Terror on the Fox’s most iconic characters for over 10 years.

Dean’s love for haunted houses began at a very young age. When he was just a young boy, he would set up a haunted house in the basement of his parents’ home using everything and anything that would fit into the space. He would then invite his friends and neighbors to go through his haunt, as he would act and set off the homemade props. Once he was a bit older, his father offered to take him to a local haunt put on by the Green Bay Jaycees. Once in the parking lot, he told his father that he would like to go through by himself. His father was hesitant but knowing his love for Halloween and haunted houses he allowed it, this only grew Dean’s love for the haunted house world even more.

In October of 1998, one of Dean’s neighborhood friends came running up to his house in Halloween makeup and attempted to scare him. This immediately sparked his interest and led him to the event, Terror on the Fox. Dean started volunteering at the event for the rest of that season and learned that he would be able to help with the building process in spring.

In spring of 1999, Dean returned to Terror on the Fox to help with anything and everything he could. He and 3 others, quickly formed a close bond and were dubbed “Team Amish”, due to the amount of work and how quickly they would complete requested tasks. Dean is currently the only original member of “Team Amish” left at Terror on the Fox.

In 2001, Dean was invited to join Bad Boys Scenic Design (the company managing Terror on the Fox at the time). In his time with Bad Boys Scenic Design, Dean headed up multiple scenes throughout the event. In 2005, the crew was featured in Haunted Attraction Magazine as the cover story and feature haunt. Dean had one of his iconic rooms featured in the story which was a re-creation of a cell block in Eastern State Penitentiary, appropriately named “Cell Block 13”.

In 2010, Dean parted ways with Bad Boys Scenic Design and became one of the co-founders of the Pale Eye Productions crew. That same year, Pale Eye Productions took over on all aspects at Terror on the Fox. Since the takeover, Pale Eye Productions has completely renovated the entire main haunt, which included the tear down and reconstruction of the front façade. In 2011, Pale Eye Productions opened Pale Eye Pub, which is a private pub on the grounds of Terror on the Fox that is open to friends and family of the event. Dean was a valuable asset during all of these changes and has helped progress Pale Eye Productions and Terror on the Fox.

In 2012, Dean came up with the idea to create the Pale Eye Haunt Club. After many meetings and discussions with the other founding members of the Pale Eye Productions crew, Dean wanted to go the direction of motorcycle vests. Being a biker himself, he was always fascinated with the true brotherhood that these clubs had. Dean had always seen this in the Pale Eye Productions crew has as well. Through a combined effort at the end of 2012, the Pale Eye Haunt Club was formed and the vests were unveiled, which has given the crew an even stronger feeling of unity and brotherhood.

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