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Elizabeth Barlament

Liz Barlament is a current member of Pale Eye Productions as of 2012. She started haunting in 2008 as an actor at Terror on the Fox. After her first season she contributed an abundance of time during the spring and summer. While working those first few years with the team she has since learned several skills including building, painting techniques, distressing, and designing.

In 2010, Liz’s first haunt design was a team effort with Matthew Barlament. They worked together to make the 3rd Dimension of Fear attraction that year. In the following years, Liz worked with the team to make rooms in the Ominous Sanctum, Torment, 3rd Dimension of Fear, and the Void (all events located on the grounds of Terror on the Fox). Liz has contributed to many promotional events as well, such as local festivals, C.P. Telethons, and Wisconsin Timber Rattlers games.

Liz has done multiple characters since her first season, but currently has only one main character. For her characters she has crafted her own costumes. She is able to make clothing from patterns, or distress clothing. She also does some of the costume repairs for the haunt, and works on some of the actors’ costumes upon request. Liz has learned how to do makeup successfully, including simple prosthetics made with latex.

Currently, Liz is also a UWGB student, majoring in Theatre Tech and Design. She hopes to utilize her degree to contribute to the company, help her haunt, and add to her abilities. Her classes have helped her learn some basic stage lighting and simple hand-drafting. Liz continues to search out opportunities to learn new skills.

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