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Matt “Silver” Barlament

Matthew Barlament (aka Silver) is part of the Pale Eye Productions crew. Silver first got his start by volunteering as an actor at Terror on the Fox in 2008. Silver had little experience in the beginning, but tried to help out as much as he could. After that season he started helping out behind the scenes by doing small jobs like load outs, painting rooms, taking out the garbage, cleaning the lumber yard, and spreading wood chips. From working with the team over many years, Silver has learned numerous skills.

From 2009 to present, Silver has been one of the Zone Leaders in all four attractions at Terror on the Fox, As a Zone Leader, he managed actors by checking up on them, giving them breaks, water, and candy throughout the night. He also made sure things were running and working smoothly in the haunt during business hours. The last few years, he has gained responsibilities with opening and closing the haunts in addition to his obligations to the well-being of the actors.

Now, Silver helps build multiple scenes and rooms at Terror on the Fox. Most of his work has been in the secondary haunts. In 2010, Silver worked together with Liz Barlament to do 3rd Dimension of Fear, a 3D/UV attraction on the Terror on the Fox grounds. He has continued to work on that attraction every year since. In 2011 and 2012 he worked on scenes in the another attraction, Torment. Silver’s passion lies in acting. He performs multiple characters during season such as Zynx the Clown, Bruticus, and Mr. Vosch. Silver can also juggle fire and run on all fours (aka the “Demon Trot”).

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